Just a little something for my Bay City Roller friends.  Having a so-so Saturday.  Woke up and went for a workout for about an hour.  I deposited our state tax refund hoping the state has enough money to cover it.

I’m trying to decide if I need to cut the grass.   So far its 40-60 against.

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Work, work, work….Not the most exciting place to be right now.  We’re in an in between time where I’m not real busy.  It makes you kinda nervous these days when there’s not a lot to do.  Of course with my background(contractor for the last 10) years, I amaze myself whenever I stay anywhere long.

And I think I’ve got some sort of sinus thing.

My life is a true joy right now.

Calamity and great distress has come to my house.  My oldest daughter earned her first B on her report card.  Ever.  My wife is NOT happy.  The other awards she received(highest Reading grade, citizenship award,student council…) does not mean anything.  I think the fact that the grade was an 88 during the last 9 week grading period did not help.

Anyway I have a feeling we will survive.  A little worse for wear but we will survive.

I will be completely worthless today.  Much like every other day, but with more TV.

So far here’s what I watched:
Land of the Lost – The sci-fi channel is running a marathon today.  I’ve seen a couple of episodes.  One was written by the great Larry Niven.  Also for you sports fans, these episodes feature one William Laimbeer playing a Sleestak.  That’s Bill Laimbeer for you Detroit Piston haters from the 90’s.

MonsterQuest – The History Channel is running a marathon also.  I’ve seen episodes on giant bears and a snow beast in Colorado.  I wonder has any show that searches for these “monsters” or “ghosts” every actually found anything.  If they have, I not seen it.

Right now it’s an episode of Hawaii Five-O guest starring Buddy Ebsen.

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It’s Sunday and I’m just waiting to go back to church.  The weather is stormy so that means that AT&T can’t keep my DSL up.  Yep, the rain makes it go up and down like a yo-yo.  Apparently there is something wrong with the central box that services my area.  I have my doubts that replacing it is a priority.

Monday is Memorial Day so I hope everyone will take a short minute to reflect on the opportunity(which we are wasting) and the freedom(which we are relinquishing) that was provided by the sacrifice of the American soldier.

God Bless.

That’s a big mall.  Lot’s and lot’s of stores…We ate lunch at the Cajun Grill at the food court.  The Cajun Grill means one thing, bourbon chicken.  I highly recommend it. 

Wow!! These people running the kiosks are very aggressive.  This puts a damper on the day, having to constantly put up with people trying to stop you to sell some sort of cream or widget.  I feel like Robert Stack running through the airport in the movie Airplane being accosted by all those people wanting to promote their causes.  Wish I could punch a few out like he did.

The Rainforest Cafe was pretty awesome.  A bit pricey but fun. 

We’ve decided to take a trip to Nashville today.  We’re going up to the Opry Mills mall and hopefully eat at the Rainbow Cafe.  I’ve heard some good things about.

The girls are being their normally impatient selves.  Are we there yet?  I’m hungry!!  And then the constant picking at each other doesn’t help either.

I’ve found a different way to post to this blog.  This post is written with the free Windows Live Writer software.  As I type this I am off line.  Later we will see how well it posts.