I had a pretty good weekend.  Friday night I attended a wild game supper at Smokerise Baptist Church in the Hayden/Warrior area.  Lot’s of good food(deer, trout, frog, turkey,…) was had by all.

Saturday was pretty busy.  I went and worked out that morning.  That afternoon the quartet had practice for the following day’s singing at Maranatha.

The singing Sunday went great.  There is something very special about a singing in a small church.  The people there were very sweet.  I told the guys that if we never sang at any church bigger than Maranatha or Pinetucky it would be OK with me.  Sunday night it was back to church to finish off the day.

I guess the only bad thing about the weekend was the head cold.sinus thing I’ve developed.  It seems to be slacking off today however, so maybe I’m on the mend.