I will be completely worthless today.  Much like every other day, but with more TV.

So far here’s what I watched:
Land of the Lost – The sci-fi channel is running a marathon today.  I’ve seen a couple of episodes.  One was written by the great Larry Niven.  Also for you sports fans, these episodes feature one William Laimbeer playing a Sleestak.  That’s Bill Laimbeer for you Detroit Piston haters from the 90’s.

MonsterQuest – The History Channel is running a marathon also.  I’ve seen episodes on giant bears and a snow beast in Colorado.  I wonder has any show that searches for these “monsters” or “ghosts” every actually found anything.  If they have, I not seen it.

Right now it’s an episode of Hawaii Five-O guest starring Buddy Ebsen.

Buy something:
Land of the Lost: The Complete Series
Monsterquest – Complete Season 1 (History Channel) (Steelbook)
MonsterQuest – Season Two
Hawaii Five-O: Sixth Season