I just got back from work and my workout. My arms now officially feel like jello. I’m using a new technique that a co-worker suggested. Do 4 sets of 12,10,8, and 6 reps and do it very slowly. Feel the burn. Ugghhh..

Work is interesting to say the least. We are going through a bit of a transition phase and roles and duties are somewhat vague.

What I’m reading:
Plot & Structure: (Techniques And Exercises For Crafting A Plot That Grips Readers From Start To Finish) (Write Great Fiction)
I’m about a third of the way through the book so I don’t feel ready to do a full review, but so far it’s a pretty handy read. It has a lot of practical ideas for developing your plot in such a way to prevent boredom and stagnation. When I finish it, I’ll post something a bit more substantial.

The MacArthur Study Bible: Revised & Updated Edition
This is my primary Bible and what I use for my daily reading. I appreciate the scholarly approach Dr. MacArthur has taken with this Bible. I think every verse has some note or cross-reference to clarify what the scripture means.  I highly recommend it.