What do you write when you really don’t want to write?  I guess by writing this I’ve answered my own question.  The grass needs mowing, I need to work out, there is work to be done, but I feel like doing none of it.

Maybe some random thoughts will spawn something…

I think we as a people are going to entertain ourselves to death…Netflix, internet, XBox, etc.  We must be constantly entertained.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m just as guilty as the next person.  However, there seems to be something un-natural about the current trend of constant stimuli.  It’s almost like we are afraid of the silence.

I was born in the wrong decade.  Most all of my entertainment choices originated in a previous decade.

I worry for my children.  I know the swamp that I grew up in and it only seems to have gotten more intense.  Topics that I didn’t hear about until middle school are talked about openly in elementary school.

Are people getting more ignorant or do I just notice it more?  Whatever happened to intelligent rational discussion?

The novel went nowhere today.  I ate lunch at my desk.