Craig Kennedy – Criminologist – A fore runner of the scientific crime shows of today.  Plots are a bit predictable and the acting is wooden, but still a pretty good watch.
Hawaii Five-O – The Fifth Season – Book’em, Danno.  This show always had great guest stars.  This week I saw Ricardo Montaban and William Shatner is his full 70’s prime.
Justice League Unlimited – Season One (DC Comics Classic Collection) – It was a sham and a mockery of entertainment when this show was canceled.
Hollywood Stadium Mystery – It was cool to see commissioner Gordon from the Adam West Batman series featured here. Of course this was about 30 years before that show went on the air.
Perry Mason – Season One, Vol. 2 – Always a classic and the episode I watched this week had a young George Takei as a support player.

Well, as you can probably tell from the above, not a lot of current items, but a lot of quality tv watching.  They are things that I can let my kids watch, without having to keep one finger on the mute button and one finger on the channel changer.  As the father of 2 children I am amazed at even the commercials that are shown during “family time”.   I don’t want to see the latest commercial for Viagra, Desperate Housewives, or anything else of the kind.

Oh well, I’m old and curmudgeonly.  Get used to it if you read this blog.

Have a great day and buy something from above.  I’ve got bills to pay.